Velo Dulce

Carrie Leaf On ONE Step at a time

June 11, 2022 Lisa R Steingold Season 2 Episode 5
Velo Dulce
Carrie Leaf On ONE Step at a time
Show Notes

Carrie Leaf is a practising psychotherapist, holistic mindset coach, and hypnotherapist. She holds her undergraduate degree in Psychology. She completed her master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.

Carrie is a mother to two twin boys (toddlers!) and a stepmother to their older brother and sister. She is a furbaby mom to two boxer dogs.

AND she recently released her book "Therapize Yourself".

I wanted to chat to Carrie because I was intrigued about how on earth she does it all and on her views on mindset.

She had some GREAT points which include:

  • Evaluating your stressors and systemizing your life
  • Taking ONE step at a time
  • And taking accountability for the life you want to live.

Hope you enjoy the episode as much as I did!
Love to hear your thoughts! 

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